Welcome to the ACIEET.eu website. ACIEET stands for Advanced Clean Intelligent Energy Efficient Technology. It is an advanced technological platform that can be used to protect health and life of people living in different environments and housing. Is has been created and developed by the Slovak company CLEAN & INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGIES, SE, as a research and development platform for introducing effective responses to air pollution and environmental hazards. Based on this platform, commercial products are being developed that can play an important role in the smart building and smart city concepts.

Global Environmental Challenges

People drink water several times a day, but the air is being breathed every second. According to OECD, until 2060, the economic impacts of air pollution will contribute to 6 – 9 million of premature deaths yearly, compared to 3 million in 2010. These serious threads need to be addressed by global organisations, governments, local authorities and businesses. We need to provide solutions that will protect people living on this planet, especially in big cities, from negative impacts of traffic and industry pollution, nuclear power stations accidents and other contamination risks.

Smart Buildings and Smart Cities

Smart cities are enabling people live in synergy with their environment. The concept of smart cities is an important component of environmental protection, particularly with regard to the use of renewable energy sources. Intelligent buildings are an essential component of smart cities concept. They can interact with the environment and intelligently optimise their operation to maximise the comfort of people and, at the same time, achieve significant energy savings. The basis of the concept are intelligent building control systems that ensure interconnection of internal components and establish communication with the outside environment.

Research and Development Platform

ACIEET is being developed as a platform to suit the needs of smart city and smart building concepts. Its aim is to serve as a technological basis for creating new concepts and developing products that will help respond to the global environmental, and especially, air pollution challenges. We need to protect health of people living in buildings to ensure productivity, economic development and sustainability of life on our planet. We encourage government bodies, municipalities, organisations with different backgrounds and individuals to become part of the innovation process.

Products and Solutions

As the result of our intense research, products have originated that can be implemented in different types of new and existing commercial, industrial and residential objects to stabilise the air parameters, ensure comfort of inhabitants and guarantee protection of their health. CleanAir Pro is an advanced intelligent HVAC system that cares about the exchange of air in the premises, while applying a system of filters that remove mechanic particles and chemicals from the outside air. This clean and fresh air is distributed to different zones according to the needs of people.


ACIEET research, development and innovations by CLEAN & INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGIES, SE from Slovak Republic.

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