ACIEET is being developed as a platform to suit the needs of smart city and smart building concepts. Its aim is to serve as a technological basis for creating new concepts and developing products that will help respond to the global environmental, and especially, air pollution challenges. We need to protect health of people living in buildings to ensure productivity, economic development and sustainability of life on our planet. To ensure this, cooperation and collaboration with different entities is crucial. We have experience in managing and participating in different research projects consisting of various institutions.

We encourage government bodies, municipalities, organisations with different backgrounds and individuals to become part of the innovation process.

Collaboration Platforms

When we created the ACIEET platform and started its development, we wanted to build up a solution that is absolutely unique. We managed to introduce technology that is not available on the market nowadays. It integrates all the features of smart HVAC and adds up components taking care of cleaning the air from a large spectrum of contaminants. Our aim is to develop products that are using ACIEET technology to protect life of people in cities all over the world. To achieve that, we need to create partnerships with organisations and individuals all over the world. We are offering our knowledge and capacities to collaborate on new projects that will help creating innovative and useful solutions for people in the European Union and in the world.

We invite all kinds of organisations into participation in the research:

Government Agencies and Municipalities

Practical application of smart city concepts cannot be introduced without the cooperation of government and municipalities with organisations and businesses. We are ready to participate in local development project within the EU in different phases including research, projection, development and implementation. We believe in valuable inputs from municipalities who are best aware of local aims, problems and issues.

Academic Institutions and Research Labs

The core of ACIEET is based on demanding research performed over the past decades. We believe in the power of collaboration and common research and the experience and knowledge of top scientists. We encourage scientists and researches to get in touch with us and look for common areas of research interest and possibly cooperate in research projects. Our team consists of specialists on various technologies and we are always looking for new ideas and concepts to possibly integrate into ACIEET.


Commercialisation is the final step of development cycle on our platform. We have already been able to deploy the CleaAir Pro product, which is intended for installation into larger commercial, residential and industrial premises. The global expansion of this and future products would be impossible without or commercial partners. We are looking for established businesses who would help with sales, installation and maintenance of ACIEET product in various European Union countries.

Get in touch with us

We are currently researching possibilities for adaptation of ACIEET to fit the requirements on installation into smaller and individual residential objects. We are looking for potential partners from academic, municipal and business sphere to develop this project further and thanks to it, be able to deliver our products to people living in individual households as well, transforming them into a vital component of smart cities.

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