CLEAN&INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGIES, SE, along with its partners, are working on development of products based on the ACIEET platform that can be used for improving life of people in cities. The first commercialised product was deployed under the brand CleanAir Pro and is now available for installation into large scale commercial, residential and industrial buildings. CleanAir Pro is a smart HVAC system that includes advanced air filtration to protect health of people inside the building.

Learn more about how can CleanAir Pro increase the comfort and safety of people in both existing and new objects.

CleanAir Pro

CleanAir Pro is the brand of a product developed for use in large commercial, residential and industrial objects. It can be designated as a smart heating, ventilation, air conditioning system (HVAC). It has all the functions and parameters a HVAC serving many zones in one building should offer. Moreover, it also features unique parameters and functions that cannot be found in other commercial HVAC systems. The advanced filtration technology developed by ACIEET is integrated into CleanAir Pro product, so the air distributed to people in the object is clean. People are maximally protected from traffic fumes, industrial pollution, viruses, bacteria and many other pollutants including nuclear accident risks. Learn more about ACIEET filtration systems here.

CleanAir Pro is characterised by:

  • inter-disciplinarity
  • inovativeness
  • multi-functionality
  • results of a continuous research, development, innovations and implementation including services
    applied state-of-the-art technological processes and technical products

Overview of Selected CleanAir Pro Features

  • Stabilisation of temperature

    Stabilisation of internal temperature at +22°C, with accuracy of +/-1°C

  • Clean air for human health

    It continually protects from traffic fumes, industrial accident pollution, especially nuclear power stations accidents and other contamination risks

  • Cost effective solution

    Efficient and cost effective response to increased air pollution and emerging environmental hazards

  • Use of renewable sources

    Highly ener­gy-efficient inverter technologies in heat pumps with 70-80% efficiency in saving the energy inputs

  • User comfort

    Comfort for users and administrators thanks to automatically controlled environment system

  • Remote monitoring

    Remote control system using IT applications and GSM data transmission, accessible via web browser

  • Control automation

    Automated restart of technological components after power outage, automated monitoring of error-free operation

  • Integration

    Compatible with most common Building Automation Systems (BAS)

Installation References

1. Project co-funded by the EU „A Technical and technological platform of a research in integrated management system of human settlement infrastructure“

Ready-made complete delivery of the platform 5 years ago (3 year warranty expired). Implemented in 2010 – 2011 at ITMS 262 401 20002 Centre for the development of residential infrastructure of the knowledge economy in Bratislava, Slovak Republic.

2. Renovation of office spaces at old administration buildings

COOP Jednota Slovakia, Bratislava & Fortuna Publisher Bratislava, Slovakia. Implementation in  2012 – 2013 including fundamental ACIEET with monitoring and management of operation by centralized controlling and monitoring work station.

A system of renewable sources of energy

Application of state-of-the-art technological products with inverter technologies facilitating 70-80 % efficiency of energy inputs saving

Management via GSM and WEB data networks

Consumption and management monitoring via GSM and WEB interface

A system providing Clean air for human health continually prevents from pollution threats

Clean air for health

3. Technological compacts and technological reliability by ACIEET – transfer of know-how into practice

Precaution to minimize the risk of financial loss, human health and life threats in case of controlling and output technologies emergency breakdown in summer or winter extreme  heat changes.

System of automated stabilization of operational parameters in technological rooms – especially in strategic operations like electrical engineering, electronic controlling areas, computing centres and server rooms. Implementation in more than 60 technological rooms in 2013 – 2016.

Guarantee of a technological reliability utilizing GSM IT applications, internet and inverter technologies with 70-80% efficiency in saving energy inputs .

More examples of Technological compacts and technological reliability projects

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We are currently researching possibilities for adaptation of ACIEET to fit the requirements on installation into smaller and individual residential objects. We are looking for potential partners from academic, municipal and business sphere to develop this project further and thanks to it, be able to deliver our products to people living in individual households as well. Our mission is protecting as many people as possible and keep them safe from the dangerous air pollution, biological, chemical and nuclear hazards.

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