The globally-oriented product is a result of continuous research, development, comprehensive ready-made implementations by a technological company – ETKM, Ltd.

In 2012 – E.T.K.M. Ltd., Bratislava, as the major shareholder and E.T.K.M. CZ Ltd. Prague, established CLEAN & INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGIES, SE / Societas Europaea / which offers the above-mentioned product.

The foundation of this European company is the know-how acquired during twenty years of activities, supplies and references of ETKM Ltd. – in the field of research, development and supply of devices and technologies for dynamic climate changes and clean environment.

E.T.K.M. spol. s r.o. – established on 26th February 1992 as a technology company is certified in compliance with the ISO 9001: 2008, IQNET, DQS standard for following areas:

Comprehensive deliveries of:

  1. Technologies managed via data networks, information technologies and their applications
  2. Air conditioning, ventilation, heating
  3. Applications of renewable sources’ technologies and technological processes
  4. Research, development and supply of equipment for changed climatic conditions and clean environment

The main targets of the company founders are:

  1. Activities in the field flexible Clean Technologies as ACIEET, CleanAir Pro, EST
  2. Continuous research, development and supply of intelligent   technologies for environment stabilization in the global dynamic climate change and for clean environment
  3. Synergy of GSM IT Technologies, internet and  modern technological products

C & IT, SE has implemented a system in compliance with the ISO 9001: 2008 standard

The product certified by the Technical Testing Institute TSU Piešťany, in compliance with the EU standards, as an EU product:
Technology for Environment Stabilization (EST), type. TSP-ARS  as  innovated main part ACIEET

The company is continuously working on the product innovation.